"I can't thank you enough for your support with this project (LF Tags surviving 400F processes). I truly appreciate all your help."
- David Foley, Ingersol Rand, 270-789-6318

"Thank you for providing your 433 MHz active Tag systems on loan for the testing/pilot phase and for your impeccable support which allowed us to replace AWID's UHF products for long range identification of vehicles on scales and at gates with Cajun Sugar of Louisiana. We could not have done it without you."
- Don Raines, Cassady Company, (318) 868-7220

"Your support and quick turn around of active Tag products allowed us to replace the systems initially installed by ID Systems for which our customer is very pleased, thank you."
- Ian Bowden, Aurora Bar Code, (780) 483-6025 x26

"Your system we are using is operating quite flawlessly and has been since the last July timeframe and is now taken quite for granted. THANK YOU AGAIN."
- Larry Horn
Borg Warner, Sr. Electrical Technician, Engine Timing Components, Ithaca, NY

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rfidinc, proximity reader, rf identification

New Products for 2012!

PLC Users - DeviceNet, Ethernet/IP, Profibus, Modbus, standard Ethernet & Serial Networked systems Click here

In the News, Articles, and Awards:
Top 20 RFID Innovator 2009
Top 20 RFID Innovator 2008 - Page 1, Page 2
At NASCAR Hall of Fame, RFID Fuels Excitement
RFID Scores Game Show by the Seat of Contestants' Pants
BCS National Championship Fans Use RFID to 'Kinect' to Social Networks

* Focused as a custom developer of RFID solutions since 1984
* Proprietary silicon and intellectual property rights
* ISO standard interchangeable products
* 4 Frequencies – Multiple Solutions

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R3 or R3-2
(Rcubed) or (Rcubed2)
(new users, use only R3-2)
RRapid Robust Reliable Factory, Floor Hardware, DeviceNet, Ethernet/IP, Profibus, Modbus, Discrete I/O, TTL, Bluetooth, Serial, USB, Wireless Data
Low Frequency Passive

125 KHz
148 KHz

Read Range:
1 inch to
1 meter
Industrial Identification
ID Totes, Pallets, Boxes, Bins
Widgets Through Production
ASRS Systems
AGV Location ID
Access Control/Employees

Click here to view the R3-2 Data sheet as PDF.
Click here to view the R3 Data sheet as PDF.

50 to $70

Rdrs $50 to $3,000
8, 16, or 32 ASCII Bytes

RW or RO

256 to 4k bits

Active Tag References and Application Stories

Vehicle Collision Alert Story (mining, forklifts)
Ultra High Frequency
Truck/Vehicle ID and Access
Gated Communities Access
Asset Tracking in Office
Employee Access and Tracking
Parking Facilities
Crane Collision Alerts
Mining Vehicle Collision Alerts
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Click here to view Reader Data sheet as a PDF.
$20 to $30

Rdrs $200 to $2,500

16 hex characters

Read Only

NXP, Atmel, Infineon, EM,
STM, Microchip, TI, Sokymat

ISO 15693/14443 A/B
High Frequency Passive

Read Range: 1 inch to 1 meter
OEM or Finished Readers

Having manufactured thousands of custom 13.56 MHz Readers, please ask us about the possibilities.
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Tags 50 to $70

Rdrs $50 to $1,000
RW or RO

256 bits to 32k bytes

UHF (Ultra high frequency)
Ultra High Frequency OEM level MicroReaders

Printable labels
RW or RO

1k to 2k bits
Starter's Kit
Read Only or Read Write

Kit contains: Reader withAntenna AC Power Supply, CD ROM Tag samples to your request
125 KHz
13.56 MHz
433 MHz
Allows user to become familiar with the technology or begin to build their own API software platforms/hardware. Not a SDK, however some VB code available upon request

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Frequency Dependent

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R3-2 (125 KHz)     R3 (148 KHz)     ActiveRFID 433 MHz    13.56 MHz   

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