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R3 Specialty Readers

Model 3020 Series MicroReader

A total solution, plug & go miniature Reader and Writer for OEM applications. This unit can be supplied with/without Antenna, or custom Antennas.

Op Temp:
St Temp:
Tag Types:
RS232 or TTL
+5 VDC @ 125 mA
1" x 2" x .25" 5.9cm x 2.5cm x .7cm
Read Write or Read Only
-40 C to +55 C
-55 C to +85 C
.3 oz. - 9 grams (base pcb only)
Most 125 KHz chips

Model 3038E Long Range Read Only DSP Reader

New DSP (digital signal processing) technology 12" to 48" read range, tag dependent

Only available in a Read Only format however RW Tags can be programmed as RO

Measures 10.5" x 10.5" x 3"

LED's for power and read indication, audible beep for read indication, RS232 output

Auto tuning feature

DSP is very susceptible to EMI Field testing is mandatory, ask for test sample